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This band was with us from the very beginning, believing in the vision we had for what Breakaway has become: the go-to place for a kick-ass live music experience on the North Shore. They rocked our first New Year’s Eve to a sold-out crowd and have been a staple on our stage ever since.  

You can’t pin this band down. They play a little bit of everything. Variety is their calling card. Powerhouse vocals, phenomenal harmonies, outstanding musicianship, and something for everyone. Whether you love to dance or you’d rather sit back and enjoy the show, this band delivers every time. From Classic Rock to today’s top hits, they keep the party atmosphere alive all night long! The Eleventh Hour Band is personality plus!

Delivering crowd favorites of popular songs ranging from pop and classic rock to hard rock and dance genres. With powerhouse vocals full of honey-sweet harmonies Eleventh Hour entertains a crowd, continually updating their song list to keep things fresh and fun. They are sure to keep you smiling on or off the dance floor!

Meet the Band Members

Joe Griffith

Joe has spent the better part of his life as an essential component of a number of successful cover bands. His role as music director for Eleventh Hour takes the band to another level, as his passion for complex songs most bands wouldn’t attempt coupled with his perfectionism drives the band to repeatedly rise to the challenge. Joe Griffith plays Cort, Ibanez, and Fender guitars as well as a Fender lap steel and Yamaha Motif synthesizer.

Sandra Mariah Wright

Sandra might as well have been born with a microphone in her hand. She took home the “Most Likely To Succeed” music award in her senior year of high school — the culmination of four years in Pop/Rock Chorus which remains to this day the extent of her “vocal training.” Heavily influenced by rock goddesses like Stevie Nicks and Ann Wilson as well as newer pop artists like Adele, Sandra is equally at home singing hits popularized by Grace Slick or Grace Potter. The stage is Sandra Mariah Wright’s comfort zone, and her deep love for music is evident in every performance.

Mark Eugenio

Mark was already playing bass and singing back in high school, but he found his niche trading off rhythm and lead guitar riffs on his trademark silver Ibanez opposite Joe Griffith. He moved through various bands including some original music in the early ‘80s. Early influences included the Beatles and Led Zeppelin followed by new wave punk and all flavors of rock and roll. Mark Eugenio is just as comfortable crooning a ballad like I Do It For You by Bryan Adams as he is belting out Jane by Jefferson Airplane. Nothing makes him happier than looking out at the crowd to see family and friends dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

George Drillis

George started playing the drums when he was 4 years old, learning from his father George Sr. He names Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Troy Luccketta, and Alex Van Halen as heroes and his style of driving, solid beats are heavily influenced by ‘80s and southern rock as well as today’s country. George Drillis ‘s favorite thing about playing with Eleventh Hour is looking out in the audience to see his parents still supporting his music, and his favorite songs to play are Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks and Aerosmith’s version of Train Kept A Rollin’. George plays Mapex drums with Reno heads, Sabian cymbals, his personal signature Rich Sticks, and one of a vast, diverse collection of snare drums that is quickly becoming a legend in its own right

Bryan Sheehan

The newest member of Eleventh Hour is not new to the North Shore’s music scene at all. Bryan Sheehan has been in several bands over the years, most recently the notorious local cover band F Bomb. Bryan grew up in West Peabody and by the time he was 14 he was playing bass notes on a Casio keyboard; eventually, he moved on to an electric guitar with 2 strings, then finally graduated to a Peavey Fury beginners bass. Thankfully, he has moved up quite a bit from there, playing a Fender Jazz for several years and most recently adding a badass Rickenbacker with a distinct sound to his collection. Bryan brings a variety of musical influences to Eleventh Hour, from ’70s progressive rock to jazz/fusion, funk, and of course old school rock n’ roll like Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Zeppelin. His voice blends seamlessly with the existing harmonies in the band, and his playing complements the established sound so much, you’ll swear he’s been playing with Eleventh Hour forever.


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